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Elizabeth Crisp

*Note Liz is currently on Maternity leave

Liz studied at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand and graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy. In Auckland, she worked with Rugby and other sporting clubs treating sporting and other injuries utilising a holistic approach to rehabilitation. Since moving to Melbourne, Liz has worked in various private practices which has provided an excellent skill base for employing optimum management strategies for commonly (and less commonly) experienced musculoskeletal conditions.

Liz’s main areas of interest include continence and pelvic floor dysfunction and she has completed a graduate certificate in Pelvic floor rehabilitation. Liz is particularly passionate about assisting pregnant women in preparation for the demands of motherhood and helping post-natal women return to safe exercise and full participation in all activities. She also has a special interest in lower back, hip and pelvic pain. In addition to working at private clinics, Liz has worked at Epworth Cliveden in a variety of clinical areas including orthopaedics, breast-care and lymphoedema education. Coupled with her musculoskeletal knowledge, this hospital experience assists Liz in communicating with patients from many different cultures and walks of life, allowing for patient-therapist collaboration and ultimately positive treatment outcomes.

For over 10 years Liz was involved with dance schools and was herself trained in various styles including jazz, tap and ballet. From personal experience, Liz’s knowledge regarding dancing related injuries is vast and a major knee injury sustained while dancing was the initial reason she became interested in studying Physiotherapy. Having recovered from knee surgery and rehabilitation for this injury, she has the ability to empathise with injured dancers and athletes and this has sparked a particular passion for getting her patients back in to the sport or activities they love.

Clinical Pilates is another one of Liz’s passions and she has completed Certification in all equipment courses of the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) as well as training in the Mat-work courses. Liz, like Joseph Pilates, strongly believes that Pilates “develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit”. Through strengthening and retraining body awareness, clients will see improvements not only in pain and function, but overall health and well-being.

Liz’s primary interests include:

  • Assessment and treatment of neck pain, retraining correct postural awareness and facilitating long-term management of ongoing postural issues

  • Lower back pain or pelvic discomfort, postural assessment and manual techniques to assist with pain management

  • Dry needling for musculoskeletal complaints

  • Real time ultrasound imaging of core muscles along with a patient-specific exercise program to improve core strength and awareness

  • Assessment and specialised rehabilitation for knee and ankle injuries

  • Running analysis and return to running programs including liaison with local podiatrists for footwear advice

  • Prescription of individualised exercise programs, Clinical Pilates, and other programs for specific groups such as dancers, older adults, athletes and pre- and post-natal women

Departments: Clinical Pilates Instructor, Physiotherapist
Procedures: Back Pain, Ergonomic Assessment & Workplace Injuries, Maternal Health, Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, Women’s health
Degree: Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy (B HSc), Postgraduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation), Clinical Pilates Instructor – Equipment (APPI), Clinical Pilates Instructor – Matwork (APPI)
Working days: Tuesday, Friday