Michelle Henneman

Currently on Maternity Leave

Michelle is one of the Physiotherapists at Zest Physio Pilates Health. She graduated with an Honours degree in Physiotherapy in 2006 (La Trobe University) and has since furthered her education with post-graduate qualifications in the field of Sports Physiotherapy (2016, La Trobe University).

Michelle has two main clinical areas of interest including Sports Physiotherapy and Maternal Health.  Her passion to treat sports injuries stems from her involvement in many different sports herself at state to national level including middle to long distance running, swimming and netball.  She has gained considerable experience working at various Sports Physiotherapy clinics over the last 12 years including involvement with a number of football and running clubs and particular interest in hip, pelvis and spinal injuries. She is also interested in ongoing pain conditions and the impact of mental health on pain presentations with post-graduate training in this area and a thorough appreciation of the multi-faceted management approach required to achieve recovery.

Michelle’s other passion is working with prenatal and postnatal women. She has worked for many years in maternal health physiotherapy settings. She is particularly passionate about guiding and motivating women to exercise throughout pregnancy in a safe and effective manner, in addition to returning to fitness/sport after delivery. As a mum herself she completely understands the challenges faced by women during pregnancy and endeavours to fully prepare women for the delivery and the demands of motherhood with a strong focus on pelvic floor function, abdominal muscle recovery, pelvic and spinal injury management and exercise rehabilitation.

Exercise has always been an integral part of Michelle’s career with over 13 years experience in Clinical Pilates for management of a range of musculoskeletal and medical conditions. She adopts a complete management approach considering all aspects of the patients’ history, current injuries, goals and limitations including review of exercise outside of the clinic. Prior to being a Physiotherapist Michelle worked for many years in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer and group exercise instructor (Body Attack, Spin). She currently keeps fit and active herself with a combination of running, Pilates, gym and surfing.

Prior to working in a private practice setting Michelle worked for several years at The Alfred Hospital in a variety of clinical areas with special interest in trauma, acute brain injury, cardio-thoracic surgery and orthopaedics. This acute hospital experience developed her vast knowledge and and management to assist in her current practices for all kinds of patients with complex injuries and medical conditions.

Michelle’s primary interests include:

  • Assessment, diagnosis and management of all orthopaedic injuries with a ‘big picture’ approach to patient care

  • Treatment of low back pain and pelvic disorders, particularly in office-workers and prenatal/postnatal women with a combination of manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation

  • Management of complicated hip and groin injuries in athletes with return-to-sport programs

  • Advising and reviewing running programs with technique with modification for injury, and guidance with exercise to support running

  • Setting up of exercise programs that are tailored to the individuals’ goals, functional and sporting needs with modification for injury including Clinical Pilates, Gym or home based exercise.

  • Maternal services including injury management, education and exercise guidance with a particular focus on pelvic floor health, abdominal separation and safe exercise

  • Swimming technique advice and injury management

  • Foot and ankle injury management including Achilles tendinopathy, ankle sprains and Camboot fitting

  • Clinical Pilates individual and group sessions

Michelle Henneman Physiotherapist Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours (La Trobe University 2006)

  • Graduate Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy (La Trobe University 2016)

  • Masters in Sports Physiotherapy (Due to complete early 2019)

  • Clinical Pilates Instructor (DMA 2006)

Departments: Senior Physiotherapist, Clinical Pilates Co-ordinator
Positions: Senior Physiotherapist
Procedures: Back Pain, Hip and Groin Pain, Maternal Health, Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, Running Injuries, Shoulder Injuries, Sports Injuries, Women’s health
Degree: Bachelor of Physiotherapy with honours (B. Pthy hons), Currently undertaking Masters of Sports Physiotherapy (La Trobe University), Clinical Pilates Instructor (DMA), Fitness Instructor (Fitnation), Body Attack Instructor (Les Mills)
Clinic Consulting days: Tuesday, Thursday