ZEST Physio Pilates Health aims to provide you with the highest quality Physiotherapy management of your injury or condition. We will spend focussed one-on-one time with you to gain a thorough understanding of your problem, expectations and goals. Physiotherapy management of your condition generally involves:

  • The assessment and analysis of your joint pain or problem. This may include taking a thorough history of your condition and various joint and muscle tests. This history and testing is important to enable the Physiotherapist to diagnosis your problem and identify possible factors that may have contributed to your injury.

  • Once we have a clear clinical picture of your condition we will development an individualised management or treatment plan.  Manual therapy is one form of treatment and might include joint mobilisation and/or soft tissue release techniques. Other management approaches may include: rehabilitation exercises; reviewing posture and habitual loads; analysing and modifying sporting technique; and constructing exercise or gym programs.

  • Sometimes referral to other health professionals such as a GP, Sports Physician, Podiatrist or other health professional may be required depending on your condition. We have a network of highly regarded health professionals that can assist with your care.

  • The cessation of treatment once your goals are met and you have returned to full function with strategies in place to prevent further injury.

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