Golf is a fantastic game of skill, endurance and power and can be enjoyed by all ages and levels. As Physiotherapists we unfortunately see golfers develop injuries. This can occur from the cumulative effects of repetitive load associated with the swing on the body and/or from inappropriate technique. The most common golf injuries we see are lower back, middle back and pelvic pain, shoulders, elbow, wrist and hand injuries.

Early intervention through golf swing analysis is the key for most of these injuries. Sometimes modification of your technique may be required under the guidance of your physio and golf instructor.

Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment

This is an important session as we will assess and evaluate your current injury and/or identify possible sources of potential injury. Injury prevention is just as important and we will equip you with the skills and knowledge to adapt your exercise program/golfing program to avoid injury occurring. We will give you an accurate diagnosis and management plan to assist your recovery. Treatment may include techniques such as massage, joint mobilisation or manipulation. It is likely the physio will also give you some exercise to do to assist your recovery. Sometimes taping and bracing can be trialled as a temporary measure whilst your muscles are getting stronger. Our ultimate goal is to have you managing your injury independently without you having to seek regular treatment! We are more than happy to discuss your care with your golf instructor.

Analysis of Golf Swing

In conjunction with your coach, we can analyse recorded videos of your swing to assess your form with respect to injury management and prevention. Golf swing assessment is useful as it can identify potential sources of your pain. We can suggest specific muscle activation exercises and/stretches that may be useful in a warm-up or as part of your rehabilitation that will assist in improving your swing technique. We will closely liaise with your coach about your technique from a biomechanical and injury prevention point of view. Sometimes a tiny change in your technique can have massive improvements on your body.

Recommended Physiotherapists

The Physiotherapists at the clinic with the most experience in Golfing injuries are: