Rehabilitation exercises

Exercise rehabilitation is widely considered the most effective option for treating most injuries, and is often used in conjunction with manual therapy techniques  and advice from your Physiotherapist.  The most effective rehabilitation exercises are those individualised to your condition, functional level and sporting requirements. Exercise rehabilitation is also very important after surgery where some literature about back, hip and knee injuries suggests that stability muscles are likely to atrophy or weaken. Therefore it is vital that specific rehabilitation exercises are performed to restore you joint mobility and strength.

Rehabilitation is usually commenced in the consulting room in conjunction with manual therapy techniques. Your assessment will predict exactly what treatment and exercise rehabilitation pathway is best for you. You may start with a few isolated exercises to do at home. This may be progressed towards a 1:1 closely monitored exercise program in the gym where your Physio will guide the correct muscle activation sequence and body position. Even the highest level athletes need the feedback from their Physio during an injury. Our rehabilitation gym has lots of different equipment including Pilates reformers, trapeze, weights, balance apparatus and other exercise tools.

Post operative rehabilitation services is another area that Physiotherapists work in. Your Physiotherapist will liaise with your surgeon to determine the exact surgical procedure that occurred and will closely follow their specific post-operative orders. Sometimes crutches and other gait aids are required. Your Physiotherpaist will fit you correctly with your gait aid and teach you how to use it effectively and safely to enable you to move independently.