Once a clinical diagnosis of your injury or condition has been made your Physiotherapist may perform various manual therapy techniques as part of your overall management plan.

Manual therapy is a term used to describe techniques such as joint mobilisation, massage, myofascial release and manipulation. Physiotherapists are highly qualified professionals who can perform all or some of these techniques targetted at your specific deficits. These techniques can assist in muscle relaxation, joint decompression and can improve your overall alignment. This in turn can assist in the way forces are transferred through your body thus help your quality and efficiency of movement.

Sometimes Physiotherapists work closely with masseurs or myotherapists to perform these techniques. One of the major differences between Physiotherapists and other health professionals is their ability to be very specific with their treatment choice. This ability comes from years of intensive university training and clinical experience. In order to maintain changes achieved after manual physiotherapy it may be necessary to perform rehabiliation exercises. This is vital in preventing your injury occur again and to enable you to become independent in managing your condition.