Welcome to the SPORTS CENTRE at ZEST Physio Pilates Health, the centre for all your sports specific needs.

We have constructed a hub of information for our athletes. Each sport has specific information on the following:

  • Best practitioners to see regarding an injury. These listed practitioners may have specific experience in your sport thus have great appreciation of the skill-sets and demands placed upon you to get you back to your sport.
  • Specific sports therapy courses, injury management & prevention programs based on current literature. We can work in association with your club or coaches to make sure you stay uninjured!
  • Recommendations for sports therapy services, fitness, strength & training schedules and professionals in the area who have specific experience in your sport in your local area.

  • Networks of best sports health professionals and coaches in the area, including teams we work to support.

  • Links to our recommended members of the health team to assist your needs including: GPS, Sports Physicians, Physiotherapists, Exercise Scientists, Dietitians, Podiatrists, Psychologists, Radiologists and more.
  • Current research articles specific to your sport.

Click on the picture showing your sport below for more information.