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B2B: Antenatal & Postnatal Program by the Physiotherapy, Pilates & Health Centre

Pregnancy is an especially exciting time in your life filled with happiness, change and sometimes a few aches and pains too! At the Physiotherapy, Pilates & Health Centre we have a special interest in maternal health services, managing every aspect of your health and fitness throughout your pregnancy and into the postnatal period. Our goal is to return you to full function, help you manage at home, improve all your injuries, help you safely lose your baby weight and guide you back to exercise. B2B is your very own maternal health program in South Melbourne.

Bump2Baby is our PRENATAL program. Our Physiotherapists will guide you every step of the way through your pregnancy. We will provide you with valuable education and guidelines about posture, safe exercise modifications and injury prevention. We will guide you towards best management of pelvic floor and abdominal muscle separation to prevent issues arising along the way. Our program will prepare you and your body for the challenges that lie ahead! For further information on this program click on the Bump2Baby button below.

Baby2Beyond is our POSTNATAL program. We have a holistic approach to your care from a few weeks after delivery until you have returned back to exercise and life! We can assess and manage all your joint aches and pains such as back pain, pelvic issues including ‘pelvic instability’, wrist tendinopathies and other common issues such as abdominal separation. We can also teach you how to use your pelvic floor again and provide with advice and treatment of abdominal separation. Click on Baby2Beyond button below to learn more of this program.


Click on the button below for more information on our PRENATAL PROGRAM



Click on the button below for more information on our PRENATAL PROGRAM


Our B2B class with Physio Michelle

Recommended Practitioners

Our friendly practitioners who are involved with the B2B program are listed below. They are more than happy to discuss any element of the program with you: