Baby2Beyond is our very own Post-natal program delivered by our Physiotherapists, which comprises all aspects of health and fitness after delivery of your baby.

Our program may include some or all of the following:

  • Post-natal assessment: This is the first place to start in our physiotherapy post natal program. Your first appointment with your Physiotherapist will include a spinal and pelvic joint evaluation; assessment of all your other aches and pains; a real-time ultrasound guided assessment of your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles after delivery; education on safe return to exercise and advice on things to avoid. You will leave the session with a diagnosis of current injuries, identification of problem areas, and have a solid plan of how we will help you achieve your goals. We consider limitations like budget and time and can adapt the plan to meet your needs.
  • Physiotherapy: Manual therapy if you have an injury, back pain, overuse injury, or other joint pain that needs attention. This may include joint mobilisation or muscle release techniques (massage) to restore your full movement and reduce pain.
  • Support Garments: We can fit you with splints, braces, tubigrip and other supports to help manage your condition if needed. The most common type of braces we tend to fit in the postnatal period are back/pelvic belts. Abdominal tubigrip is also required for those who have DRAM (abdominal muscle separation). Less commonly we see overuse wrist injuries which can sometimes require splinting. All braces and splints are generally used in conjunction with rehabilitation exercises to restore your full function and ensure your muscles don’t get lazy.
  • 1:1 Exercise: A guided introduction into exercise may be required in the early phases after having a baby. It may also be used for those on a tight budget who want some guidance with safe and effective exercises for home. Your Physiotherapist can write you a program, usually starting with simple 1:1 exercises in our Physio gym, however you will be progressed towards your own program in whichever environment works for you eg gym, studio, outside or otherwise.
  • Baby2Beyond Pilates & Exercise Group: These sessions use a combination of fitball, reformer and trapeze in a fun and informative way to focus on issues affecting mums such as pelvic floor weakness and abdominal muscle separation. Babies are welcome to classes during the day! Call 9077 2885 to reserve your spot. Click here to view our Baby2Beyond class timetable.
  • Physiotherapy Exercise and Pilates: This is the best form of exercise for recovery after childbirth. Your program will be specific to your condition with consideration of delivery, injury history and functional goals. We will safely guide you back to exercise with progressions focused on essential rehabilitation of pelvic floor, abdominal separation issues, joint issues with transition into higher level exercises or sport – perfect for those who wish to safely get back into impact loads such as running, or to improve the way you cope at home.

Your Physiotherapist will guide you towards the best pathway for you. The best physiotherapy post natal program may include some or all other these components depending on your initial assessment findings, goals and limitations. We are very happy to chat to you about the best way to address YOUR needs and will work every step of the way with you to safely get your pre-baby body back!

Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

We look forward to working with you to achieve all your health and fitness goals!

Links to Postnatal Resources

The Physiotherapists who specialise in Post-natal care at the clinic include:

These ladies are more than happy to discuss any aspect of the program with you at your convenience!