Here’s some info on protein….

Protein does more than help build and repair muscles, it also helps you feel full. If your meals or snacks leave you feeling hungry an hour later, ensure you have included an adequate serving of protein.

6 ways to add more protein to your day:

  1. If a piece of fruit is not filling you up enough, try a serving of Greek yoghurt instead. The protein content between yoghurts does vary from anywhere between 8-17g per serve. My recommendation is Natural Chobani with 17g of protein per serve
  2. Often run out the door with just a slice of toast for breakfast? Make the extra time to cook up some eggs to go with it and you’ll be feeling full for hours
  3. Go for oats instead of cereal. While cereal might be the star of the breakfast show, their less glamorous cousin, oats, are a more nutritious option. Oats are around 13% protein, compared to most cereals which are only around 8% protein
  4. Add tuna. Chicken, egg or ham to your sandwich or wrap
  5. Eat your dry crackers with a serve of cottage cheese or Chobani dip
  6. Switch to multigrain bread instead of white. We don’t generally think of bread as being a good source of protein, but thanks to all those seeds, multigrain bread is actually surprisingly high in protein. In fact, 2 slices of multigrain bread can contain as much as 11g of protein (compared to about 5g for white bread)


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