Healthy eating for Osteoarthritis


By Elizabeth Radicevic, Dietitian  Osteoarthritis affects older people and co-exists with ageing and obesity (e.g. Cardiovascular disease/Diabetes), poor vision and psychological problems (Anxiety, Depression). The nutritional management of Osteoarthritis should take into consideration co-morbidities in addition to the joint disease itself. Obesity increases the risk for developing Osteoarthritis from conducted observational studies, therefore achieving or maintaining [...]

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Milk – Almond or Soy?


It's become a super food sensation and we've all tried (or even full-on converted to) an almond/soy or coconut milk in our coffee. Vegans and lactose intolerant individuals have been all over it for years, but actually, how much better is almond milk for us than normal milk?If you’ve got no other reason for drinking [...]

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Some Info On Protein


Here's some info on protein.... Protein does more than help build and repair muscles, it also helps you feel full. If your meals or snacks leave you feeling hungry an hour later, ensure you have included an adequate serving of protein. 6 ways to add more protein to your day: If a piece of fruit [...]

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