Real-time Ultrasound Imaging (RTU) produces a three dimensional image of your muscles on a screen. This allows your Physiotherapist to view muscles as they work (in real time) to provide information about the quality, timing and endurance of a muscle’s contraction. Since patients can also view the image, it provides important feedback on how well you are performing the exercise hence is a very powerful teaching tool. Once you are consistently performing the right muscle action using RTU, we can confidently give exercises for home with both of us knowing they are being performed correctly.

At ZEST Physio Pilates Health we use RTU to look at deep core stabilising muscles such as pelvic floor, deep abdominals and deep spinal muscles. We also use ultrasound therapy to look at hip and pelvic muscles. This helps in the management of conditions such as: acute and chronic low back pain, pelvic floor weakness from pregnancy and other conditions, hip and pelvic pain.

RTU is also a useful tool for athletes to achieve peak performance of their bodies and for anyone who wishes to protect their back from injury. All initial exercise assessments and post-natal sessions at the ZEST Physio Pilates Health will include a Real-time Ultrasound.